♥3 months left before we tie the knot! ♥

These past few days have been exceptionally tough on our bodies. Being on shift does have its perks as well as negatives. Having 6 days off is wonderful however,switching between day-shift and night-shift is awful. The first day off is always a write-off because we have to switch back to regular human hours and drive 5 hours to the city. We’ll try to split the drive between us so we’ll both get some rest. It’s a very uneventful, dreary and tedious ride with the occasional greetings from the RCMP. Doing this road trip every 6 days can take a toll on you. We got beaten up pretty bad this set off and we’ve been having a hard time falling asleep past couple nights. Even Melatonin was useless against our body clock.

4 am conversations.

A : Are you still awake?  

R :  Motha’ f*cker! We’re so fked tmr @!#!%#@$!@%#@^%##@$!@$!

Imagine a permanent hangover and djembe  drums playing in your head all day long …. for 3 days !

I wouldn’t wish it upon my second worst enemy. Adam was doing far better than me. The first morning after a sleepless night was awful. I never thought I’d ever experience fainting ’til that day. I got out of bed to pee and the next thing I know, I was on the floor staring at Adam. Apparently I toppled over before I even made it to the toilet bowl. Hit my head on the tub going down but was oblivious to that when it happened. Truthfully, I didn’t know where I was … All I could remember was the soft mat under my back and Adam’s panicked face staring at me. For that momentary feeling of a fleeting awareness, I decided that I wanted to stay where I was because I was feeling quite cozy and nothing else matters. It’s like hitting a “Pause” on busy highway and watch the cars stop while you figure a way to cross the road.

Eventually, we picked up some health supplements to speed things up and finally, on day 4, we’re back from Zombieland. I wanted to cry when Adam suggested that we do a set of Kayla to kick-start our system.

Sophie giving some encouragement to Daddy. Mommy got none =(

It was hard keeping last night’s dinner from decorating the floor but we made it!


Let it Go… Let it GOOOOOO!

Can’t hold it back anymoreeeeee!!

hopefully the people behind us don’t know it’s me …. *sniff*

IMG_8178 (Edited)

We checked out the Ice Castles with Pam and Paul. It was pretty … and bloody cold. Weather App said it was 2 Degrees …. Yeah right.



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